December 31, 2016

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The earliest known fossils of the modern cockroach date back to the Cretaceous period. Ant fossils have been found from this period, as well. What does this tell us about our household pests?
They are survivors!

They are built to outlast, and you won’t be able to get rid of them without some effort. A single spray hardly ever does the trick, and using products on your own can be pointless, costly, and even harmful. Your best bet, for getting rid of pests efficiently, is to call a professional Orlando pest control company.
fleas-and-ticks-to-help-keep-your-family-safeThis is where Termite Lawn and Pest comes in.

They are your safest and most effective Orlando residential pest control option. They have the experience and knowledge that are necessary to correctly assess your needs. Perhaps you’ve been spraying a toxic insect repellant on your sugar ants that doesn’t even affect sugar ants. Maybe you have the right killing tools, but you aren’t getting to the source, so the fight is never-ending.

Knock them out for good with Termite Lawn and Pest, your trusted Orlando pest control company

Termite Lawn and Pest has a unique strategy, when it comesto debugging your home. They start with the big picture. They focus, first, on the exterior of the home. In this way, they can potentially eliminate the source from the start, rather than work their way toward it from the inside.
Target the right pest, with this knowledgeable Orlando pest control company

Each pest requires a different treatment. Rather than play roulette with products from the store, let a professional Orlando exterminator analyze your pest situation. They will know the exact product to use, and will be able to target that specific bug rather than throw a bug bomb and hope for the best. This will save you time and money, and your infestation is more likely to be solved rather than masked.
Expect environmentally conscious products, with this safe Orlando pest control company

Termite Lawn and Pest uses the least aggressive methods necessary, in order to eliminate pests from your home. By starting on the outside and targeting the source, they are less likely to need to use harsh chemicals inside. They take the time to target your problem, rather than blanketing your home in gas.

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