Are you dealing with unwelcome visitors in your yard or home? Opossums, with their nocturnal habits and adaptable nature, can often find their way into residential areas, causing disruptions and potential hazards.

At Termite Lawn and Pest, we specialize in expert wildlife control solutions, including trapping, removal, and exclusion services tailored to effectively manage opossum populations. Trust our experienced team to safely and efficiently address your opossum concerns, restoring peace of mind to your property.

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Damage from Opossums

Opossums frequently create messy nests in garages, sheds, and attics, where they often tear up pipes to gain entry and introduce food that can develop mold. They may also build dens on roofs and spread garbage around.

In attics, they will chew on air vents, wires, and insulation. This creates a fire hazard.

Opossums’ droppings will produce a strong, foul odor and spread diseases and parasites. They can also leave urine stains on ceilings and all over the attic. Opossums can also damage gardens by digging up food and eating fruits, as well as damaging plants. They have been known to kill poultry and may enter houses to consume pet food.

Because opossums don’t live long, many of them may die in a nest inside the home, which can cause bad smells and attract bacteria and flies.

Do Opossums Bite?

Although opossums can bite, they usually don’t unless they feel threatened. So, if they’re scared or cornered, they might bite to protect themselves. Even though biting incidents are uncommon, it’s best to keep your distance from these animals.

Do Opossums Carry Diseases?

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Opossums can carry diseases (like leptospirosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, rabies, salmonella, and toxoplasmosis) and pass them on to both animals and humans. Their sharp teeth can cause serious harm and infection to pets like dogs and cats, making them a danger and a potential source of various illnesses for both animals and people.

Dependable Wildlife Control That You Can Trust

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By being proactive, you not only protect your property from damage but also safeguard the health and well-being of you and your family. Don’t wait until opossums become a problem—take action now to keep them at bay and maintain your healthy living environment.

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