Are mole tunnels disrupting the smooth surface of your lawn, creating an unsightly maze of raised ridges and mounds? Our skilled team at Termite Lawn and Pest specializes in efficient and effective mole removal services tailored to meet your specific needs.

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What is a Mole?

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Despite their small size, moles pose a natural danger to your landscape. They can cause serious damage to fields, open grassland, and your gardens.

Moles burrow and dig for food, tearing up the soil and damaging the grass. This can lead to dead spots in your lawn. They can uproot and destroy plants and vegetables. Moles can also bite trees and cause irreparable damage. They also leave unsightly piles of earth and dirt as a result of tunneling. This can ruin the look of your yard and garden.

How They Can Affect Your Yard

A mole is a small brown mammal with short, fluffy fur. They have tiny eyes and ears because they mainly live underground. Their big front paws are used for digging, but their back paws are very small.

Moles live mainly underground. They are rarely seen outside. Moles spend their lives digging in the ground.

It’s a common misconception that moles are blind. Rather, they are color blind with just really bad vision.

Many people think of them as omnivores when actually, they are insectivores. They eat earthworms, insects, and larvae, hence why they need to dig underground to find their food.

Expert Mole Removal Services

Moles live underground, so you can’t always see them or know exactly where they are.

By controlling the moisture levels in your yard or flower beds, you can reduce the amount of insects that attract them. However, this method is difficult to maintain and can’t guarantee long-term success. It’s better to hire a professional who knows where moles live and how to effectively control them with proper training and equipment.

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