What’s that spot in my lawn?

When a customer in Orlando calls us and says, “I have a brown spot in my yard,” we turn into lawn investigators!

You see, there are many reasons why you could have your St Augustine grass or Zoysia lawn turning brown.

More times than not, your grass problems are related to irrigation or proper coverage. Usually our first question will be: “How often are you watering your lawn?” Then, we’ll ask, “When is the last time you checked your irrigation system for proper coverage? “

Here are some of the other reasons we find brown spots:

> Dead weeds that we’ve treated
> Chinch bugs
> Sod Webworms
> Dog urine damage
> Mower too short in the sun
> Lawn clippings stuck together from mowing while the grass is wet
> Leaving something like a piece of wood or trash can lid in the grass for more than a day
> Roundup damage from either the home owner or landscaper (usually from applying on a windy day)
> Home Owners treating the lawn themselves after we’ve treated
> Nematode damage (generally a compounding issue and not the main reason)
> Too much shade (this can start as slightly brown before just thinning)

If you want to learn how to avoid brown spots, and how often should you water your lawn, contact the experts at Termite Lawn & Care. We provide lawn maintenance throughout Orlando and Central Florida, including indoor and outdoor pest control, sprinkler system repair and lawn fertilization

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