December 30, 2016


Tree Spraying, Tree Fertilization, Healthy Yards

Palm Tree Fertilization, Outdoor Pest Control, Beautiful Results

Like your grass, you must support your trees and shrubs with the same annual care that supports growth and fights pests, fungus and weeds that can stunt development. Like a healthy lawn, big, healthy shrubs and trees don’t just spring up overnight. You must support them with the same level of care and expertise that you would use on any other plant.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization for Superior Landscaping

We support your trees and shrubs with a comprehensive fertilization and spraying approach that starts at the plant roots and continues to the canopy.

For healthy trees and shrubs that provide the essential accent your property needs, you can trust the experienced staff at Termite Lawn & Pest. From tree injections to plant bed treatment for weeds, our staff takes a comprehensive approach to tree and shrub fertilization and spraying that starts at the plant roots and includes the canopy.

Our staff takes advantage of the latest industry trends and knowledge to deliver the best results that use less dangerous chemicals and save you money with faster, more effective treatments. You can’t afford to go with a company that ignores these industry developments and continues to rely on inefficient tree spraying and tree fertilization techniques.

And your family, pets and surrounding environment can’t afford the risk of outdated chemicals other companies may use. Our services at Termite Lawn & Pest are always customized and always tailored to address your unique concerns, whether that includes young children or a nearby body of water you want to protect. 

Need to find out how to support your tree and shrub health before they get any worse? Take advantage of our free In-Person Consultation. There’s no cost, obligation or appointment to make! We’ll inspect your property and then discuss the best solution with you.

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