December 30, 2016


Palm Tree Injection for Lush, Healthy Yards

Healthy Shade with Expert Tree Injection Services

palm-tree-injection-and-other-techniques-for-your-outdoor-spaceOur chemical injections protect your trees from insects and diseases that may kill these valuable sources of shade, beauty and noise reduction.

Our tree injection services support the healthiest tree landscaping from the roots up. Insects and disease can weaken trees and palms. These weakened trees may then come crashing down onto power lines, people or property, posing a significant hazard to you and your family.

But a palm tree injection promotes healthy trees and palms, improving a property’s aesthetic appeal and value. Healthy trees offer valuable shade from the summer sun, cooling the area and lowering home air conditioning costs. Healthy trees also block noise, provide a visible barrier and help cleanse the air.

How Do I Know if My Yard Needs Tree Injections?

Some tree and palm conditions or seasonal changes don’t require treatment of any kind, but many other conditions warrant quick treatment before the problem spreads to other trees or worsens. In some cases, preventative treatments are needed while your trees are still healthy and free of problems. Because tree injections are an intricate science, it’s best to let a qualified expert tell you if a tree injection is required. Let our staff help you with a no-cost or obligation In-Person Consultationto evaluate the health of your trees.

Your Palm Tree Saver and Outdoor Pest Control Specialists

Whether you need a palm or tree injection or chemical support for any other species, our team has the formula and delivery method that meets your needs.

The process of delivering tree injections includes:

  • Drilling one hole into the palm trunk or several holes into the truck of the tree
  • Inserting self-sealing arbor plugs
  • Injecting the specialized insecticides, fungicides and nutrition

This method of direct injection yields the most powerful, safest effects. In addition to delivering the entire solution into the tree or palm, this delivery method limits any potential chemical contact with your family, pets or surrounding environment. Because it is approved for use near children, water and in public parks, anyone who wants the healthiest, most beautiful trees and palms can use tree injections.

Termite Lawn & Pest Boosts Property Value and Appearance

Discover how quickly and easily you can shade your property with big, healthy trees. After we deliver the specialized nutrients and chemicals your trees want, you just sit back and watch your property improve.

Our specialized team will develop a customized solution for your palms and trees using ouradvanced industry education and experience. We understand the latest in plant biology, enabling us to deliver the controlled, effective tree injections your property needs. We even work closely with plant injection manufacturers to deliver the customized solution you need.

Use our expert service, education and techniques to get low-impact, quick results that beautify your property. Take advantage of a fast, free In-Person Consultation to discover how healthy trees will improve your landscaping look and boost your property value.


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