August 3, 2016

Lawn and Shrub Services



Outdoor Pest Control for Lawn and Tree Health

Enhance Your Property with Termite Lawn & Pest

  • Embarrassed with weeds and dead spots in your lawn you just can’t seem to fix?
  • Frustrated with garden pest control efforts that seem to have no impact? 
  • Envious of your neighboring lawns that look green and alive?

Your lawn, trees and shrubs play a major part in the overall feel your home has and its impact on the neighborhood. If you want to beautify your property and cultivate a feeling of pride that your home conforms to even the strictest homeowner association regulations, healthy grass, bushes and trees play a major part. And our team can handle the job. We even offer irrigation repair services to ensure your home’s plants remain healthy and thrive throughout the year with the moisture they need. 

Palm Tree Fertilization, Crab Grass Control, Total Care

Regain pride in your property. Our lawn, tree and shrub services include the following areas of outdoor care:

Garden Pest Control for Growth Saving Time and Frustration

In addition to our tree, shrub and lawn services, our dedicated staff also carry out garden pest control that rids properties of the damaging insects that feed on your plants.

We treat the following insects:

  • Fire Ants
  • Scale
  • Whitefly
  • Aphids 
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Chilli Thrips 
  • And Many More

Our outdoor services keep your lawn, trees and shrubs healthy for a yard you can’t wait to get home to.

Expert Tree Spraying, Lawn Fertilization and Plant Injections

outdoor-pest-control-and-keeping-your-lawn-safeTree, shrub and grass control has changed a lot over the years. The beautiful lawns you see around Orlando are the result of carefully executed fertilizer, water and in some cases, medicine. Our team at Termite Lawn & Pest maintains the best certifications and takes advantage of the latest education in plant biology. That education ensures your property is one of those beautiful yards in the neighborhood that everyone talks about and is a place you’re proud to come home to every night.   

For the lawn, trees and shrubs that add beauty and value to your home, contact us for a comprehensive In-Person Consultation. We’ll evaluate your property quickly to deliver the customized solution you need to get the healthy lawn, shrubs and trees that turn heads. 

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