December 30, 2016


Support Property Health with Lawn Fertilization

Spray Lawn Services for Thick, Beautiful Grass

Beautiful, lush lawns do not grow without help. You need professional fertilization and treatments for thick grass that resists weeds.

A healthy, weed-free lawn does not naturally appear. Attractive landscaping requires carefully mixed lawn fertilization and lawn treatment to support grass growth and stunt weed development. Crabgrass and other weeds naturally grow faster than desirable plants like St. Augustine grass, meaning weeds will quickly choke out your lawn if you don’t act with the appropriate spray lawn services.

Lawn Spraying, Outdoor Pest Control, Beautiful Landscaping

Our team at Termite Lawn & Pest understands how to support healthy grass and landscaping with a combination of tools and techniques that promote desirable plant growth, support outdoor pest control and prevent weed development. Our team uses advanced industry education to take advantage of only the safest, most effective lawn spraying techniques that save you time, beautify your grass and cost less. 

Customized Lawn Services that Always Satisfy Your Concerns

Lawn services that involve lawn spraying and fertilization can concern some homeowners. You may question whether the chemicals that are sprayed on your lawn are safe to you, your children, your pets and the environment. At Termite Lawn & Pest, we share your concern and never sacrifice product quality for quick results. 

Our dedication to safe lawn spray services includes supporting lawn health at its very foundation by using techniques that support healthy roots. We then take advantage of the latest products. Today’s lawn care products possess insect or weed-specific formulas, so you’re never using a product that distributes more chemicals than required. 

See our emphasis on lasting quality, family health and exceptional results for yourself. Contact us for a free, no-obligation In-Person Consultation to get the greenest, healthiest yard this year! Our staff uses a customized approach that takes into account the plants, pests and specific concerns of you and your family.

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