August 3, 2016

Million Dollar Guarantee

$1 Million Termite Warranty for Continued Home Safety, Comfort and Value

Pest Control and Termite Removal You Can Trust

Our Termite Warranty covers repairs up to $1 million if a termite infestation returns and results in new damage.

our-guarantee-and-warranty-against-termitesYour home is your sanctuary. You raise your family and make your happiest memories within those four walls. We understand how important it is for you to own a safe, comfortable place you can feel proud to return to every night. We also understand the fear, disgust and embarrassment a pest infestation can cause.   

At Termite Lawn & Pest, we make your home comfort our top priority by backing up our promise of dedicated, client-centered service with our $1 Million Termite Warranty. This pest control and termite removal warranty covers the required repairs up to $1 million if a termite infestation returns and results in new damage. 

This exceptional termite guarantee offers complete peace of mind against one of the most destructive, difficult to identify pests in existence. Termites are extremely small and difficult to locate until after they have done significant damage to a home or structure. But our warranty lets you rest assured that your property is protected no matter what. 

Trust the Termite Guarantee of Termite, Lawn and Pest 

The Termite Lawn & Pest $1 Million Termite Warranty comes standard with every service agreement. We don’t try to add it on as an upsell as our competitors do. If you have any questions regarding this guarantee, please reach out to us through our Customer Hotline for an explanation of how our services beat the competition.

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