December 30, 2016


Roach Control to Protect Safety and Value

Control Roaches Fast to Avoid Lasting Infestations

  • Ever flip on your kitchen light to find a black roach sitting on the same counter where you make sandwiches and chop vegetables?
  • Did it scurry away before you could react?
  • Have you been able to shake the fear and disgust?

One of the more common pests, particularly here in Florida, few invading insects scare, disgust and embarrass homeowners as much as the roach. And for good reason. Like rodents, roaches carry many dangerous pathogens that can threaten the health of those living in the home, particularly the young, old and weak. 

Roach control is essential because they frequently can be found near waste disposal areas or in the kitchen near food. These insects produce an unpleasant smell and even make noise, which may include hissing, chirping or clicking. Cockroaches can measure more than an inch in length, particularly if it is one of the tropical species commonly seen here in Orlando.

Expert Services that Get Rid of Roaches at the Source

It remains imperative to get rid of roaches as soon as one is spotted because this insect reproduces very quickly and hides extremely well. For every one cockroach you spot, countless others are likely hiding behind your walls and under appliances. Your home also makes the perfect place for roaches to reproduce because of the abundance of food, water and warm nesting spots. 

Complete In-Home Pest Control from Termite Lawn & Pest

We eliminate roaches at their source so you get lasting relief from this disease-spreading pest.

Many companies simply blanket spray homes that have a roach infestation. Dangerous to pets and children, this tactic saves the company time but releases many chemicals that may be unnecessary.

At Termite Lawn & Pest, we look for the source of the infestation and never rely on risky broadcast applications. In most cases, we can control the population of roaches with outside treatments alone. We use a combination of baits, liquids, gels and dusts to carry out our roach control, depending on the job. And as part of our commitment to you, we ensure your home remains pest-free for as long as you’re a customer.

Turn on the kitchen light to discover a roach on the counter? Don’t let these dangerous, invasive insects continue to live and reproduce in your home. Get a fast, free In-Person Consultation and get rid of roaches before they take over your home! 

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