December 30, 2016


Flea and Tick Control to Eliminate this Parasite

Small Bug, Big Problem—Don’t Let Fleas and Ticks Take Over

Our extensive training and experience lets us treat fleas and ticks at their source to eliminate the threat of these disgusting, disease-spreading parasites.

Fleas and ticks are parasitic insects that attach to your dogs and cats to live and feed, spreading disease and making life miserable for everyone in your home. Even people can suffer bites from these insects, making flea and tick control one of the most important areas of in-home pest control for homeowners, particularly for those with pets. 

Besides the itchy, irritating bites on you, your family and your pets, ticks and fleas in houses can also cause serious illness. Both fleas and ticks spread disease and reproduce rapidly, making them a major threat. Both types of parasite survive on the blood of your dog or cat, which is how they can survive so long and quickly spread disease.

Do Over-the-Counter Items Kill Ticks and Fleas in My House?

Small and difficult to spot, fleas and ticks control your home by remaining elusive, which makes them hard to even identify as the problem, let alone treat with over-the-counter products. To reproduce, fleas lay their eggs on your dog’s or cat’s hair. The eggs then fall off to infest your carpets, furniture and bedding, posing a serious, long-term risk to everyone and every pet in your home. They may seem like just a nuisance, but they should be taken very seriously.

Unlike fleas, ticks are often found in wooded areas and make their way onto animals, and even humans, after encountering them outdoors. Because of their size and potential to cause disease, flea and tick control is best carried out by our professionals at Termite Lawn & Pest, who have the tools and training to treat this risk.

In-Home Pest Control for Home, Pet and Family Health

Our team at Termite Lawn & Pest uses extensive insect training and experience to treat these parasites at their source. Once we identify the cause of your flea or tick infestation, we use a combination of tools and methods to kill ticks and fleas in houses. This includes treating your home both inside and outside for ultimate confidence we have fully taken care of this pest problem. 

The problem with over-the-counter flea and tick control is that if you kill 99% of the fleas and ticks, you still fail because they reproduce so quickly. You have to kill them all to have any hope of you and your animals being comfortable in your home again.

Our intensive training and experience with flea and tick control includes recognizing chemical resistance and making the proper adjustments. While some companies may use the cheapest chemicals to treat these parasites, our team values the health of your home, pets and family and never compromises treatment value with cheap products. As pet owners ourselves, the staff at our company doesn’t use any chemicals in their customers’ homes they wouldn’t trust around their own dogs and cats. Our team relies on the best products that are pet-friendly and environmentally conscious yet still effective.

Pet itching uncontrollably? Spot a tick on your couch? Treat these disease-carrying pests before they spread throughout your home and threaten the health of you and your family! Use our fast, free In-Person Consultation to discover the root of your flea or tick problem and find out how to treat it fast.

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