August 3, 2016

Pest Control


In-Home Pest Control, Total Family Comfort

Guaranteed Pest Control Supporting Home Value and Safety

in-home-pest-control-and-removal-from-orlando-pest-control-expertsWe treat the source of your pest infestation for lasting results that kill current intruders, stop future invasions and make safety a priority.

In-Home Pest Control services from Termite Lawn & Pest focus on treating pests at their source – outside your home. By treating outside the home where pests initially breed, live and try to get into a structure, we address these pests before they ever enter your property and begin to do damage. 

Unlike typical pest services that simply try to control pests inside a home, our expert team manages pests from the very beginning. Our dedicated pest management program begins with careful identification of the specific pest our team will target. This allows us to develop a solution catered to safely and quickly removing this pest without unnecessary cost or chemicals. Our services include rodent control, roach control, ant control, flea and tick control and organic pest control

Indoor Pest Control Prevention for Powerful, Lasting Results

Typical indoor pest control treats the symptoms of the problem but not the problem itself. By failing to focus efforts on your home or building’s exterior, where pests initially enter, you only kill the first wave of pests. But stopping pests at their source, before they can enter a home, is the true way to achieve guaranteed pest control. 

Following preventative techniques that may include mechanical tools like traps or specialized chemicals like pheromones that disrupt mating, more aggressive treatments may be used. These include targeted pest control sprays or organic pest control techniques that are environmentally conscious and pose little to no risk to you, your family or your pets. 

In-House Pest Control Services Based on Safety

In-house pest control methods and tools always begin with the least aggressive, most specialized application possible. Only if pests continue to inhabit a home do we resort to additional or increasingly serious sprays. Working safely is a condition of employment. We treat where necessary, and the materials we use pose a low risk when used according to the label.

Learn how we carry out safe, effective In-Home Pest Control services that keep your family safe and healthy. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation In-Person Consultation today and keep pests outside your home where they belong. 

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