December 30, 2016


Eliminate Garden Bugs and Garden Pests

Garden Pest Control to Enjoy Your Hobby

If you’re one of those homeowners that feels gardening offers a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors with a constructive hobby that rewards you with beautiful flowers, lush fruits or healthy vegetables, you probably have also experienced the frustration that comes with stunted, damaged plants. Garden bugs and garden pests can quickly turn this hobby into a frustrating exercise in futility. 

A swarm of pests can quickly undo weeks of careful planting, watering and fertilizing, leaving you with nothing more than a sore back and sunburn. Harmful garden pests include a variety of insects and rodents that may vary by season and the variety of plants grown.

Outdoor Pest Control Built on Prevention

As with virtually all types of outdoor pest control, the easiest way to support a healthy garden is by preventing these garden bugs and pests in the first place.

To support your garden’s health and stop attracting pests in the first place, the team at Termite Lawn & Pest recommends the following steps:

  • Support healthy soil with compost or fertilizers
  • Discard weak plants that may be infected or attract pests
  • Clear the garden area of places that may become a pest habitat, like piles of debris
  • Keep plants dry to minimize fungal development and insect attraction
  • Disinfect tools that have been used on infected plants to avoid spreading disease
We support your garden’s health and discourage pests with effective garden treatments that yield beautiful flowers, lush fruits and healthy vegetables.

Help Your Garden Thrive with Termite Lawn & Pest’s Services

Particularly for gardens producing fruits and vegetables, low-risk herbicide and pesticide use is our top priority. Ourexperienced team at Termite Lawn & Pest possesses the advanced chemical training to recommend the safest products available, as well as techniques to avoid the use of chemicals when possible. Our team also understands traps and barriers that can protect your garden, as well as low-toxicity and homemade garden remedies that prevent garden bugs and garden pests from making a meal of those plants you worked so hard to grow.

Reach out to our team for a free, no-obligation In-Person Consultation to get the greatest yield from your garden ever! Our staff uses a customized approach that takes into account the plants, pest problem and specific concerns you have.

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