December 30, 2016


Crabgrass Control for Lush, Beautiful Lawns

Year-Round Crabgrass Control in Lawns

st-augustine-and-crabgrass-our-way-of-dealing-with-this-pestOur comprehensive lawn services rid your property of crabgrass for healthy, beautiful grass that looks great year round.

Nothing catches the eye or supports property value more than a beautiful, lush lawn. A well-manicured, deep-green carpet of grass conveys a sense of pride and shows neighbors or clients you care about your property’s appearance.

But most homeowners struggle to get that perfectly manicured lawn free of weeds and dead patches. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires consistent care and advanced biological knowledge of the grass. If you’re like many homeowners, you will struggle to even recall the type of grass you have. Fortunately, you can still have a thick, beautiful lawn even if you’ve done little more lawn care than pushing a mower across your turf.

Why Does Crabgrass Seem to Thrive on Your Lawn?

You’ve tried pulling it, spraying it and digging it, but the crabgrass keeps coming back. Why?Crabgrass and other weeds grow much faster than desirable grasses. These weeds can take over large sections of your lawn in just months, particularly if excessive watering occurs during periods when your grass is dormant. Crabgrass and the grass you desire have very different watering and nutrient needs. Unfortunately, most homeowners treat them the same way because the easiest thing to do is treat an entire lawn at one time. But that is never going to work completely.

Termite Lawn & Pest’s Healthy, Holistic Approach

The team at Termite Lawn & Pest carries out crabgrass control and outdoor pest control from the roots up. By understanding grass, and the weeds that overtake it, at the organic level, we take the most effective approach to support your grass’s natural life cycle without relying on gallons of chemicals. 

By focusing our efforts on building a strong root system for your grass, we improve your lawn’s natural resistance to crabgrass. Crabgrass control in lawns involves supporting desirable grass growth as much as it does targeting weeds with extermination chemicals.

We take the following approaches to controlling crabgrass in your lawn:

  • We listen to your unique concerns regarding herbicide use that may impact your family, pets and surrounding environment
  • We ensure your grass systems are supported with the healthy root foundation they require
  • We incorporate pre-emergent herbicides to prevent crabgrass from ever germinating
  • We spot treat year round for any remaining crabgrass that may spring up
  • We avoid costly, unsafe broadcast applications

If you’ve called a lawn care company and received an estimate over the phone, you’ve experienced crabgrass control at its worst. Every lawn is different. We use advanced satellite imagery to offer a convenient assessment of your yard and then customize a program and affordable estimate just for you.

Take advantage of our 24-hour advanced satellite imagery estimate, located below, to learn how to rid your lawn of crabgrass this year. There’s no cost, obligation or appointment to make! We’ll call you in 24 hours or less to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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