Conehead Termites: New Threat to Central Florida Lawns

As if Eastern and Formosan subterranean termites weren’t enough of a pest for Orlando area homeowners to deal with, there’s a NEW breed of insect with an insatiable appetite: Conehead termites.

Unlike the Saturday Night Live aliens, these Coneheads are no laughing matter. The Termites have adapted well in South Florida from the Tropics and have great potential for surviving the pest control industry’s efforts to eradicate them. Coneheads have a wide range of tastes, consuming dead wood from live and dead trees including citrus, shrubs, roots, and causing termite damage to structures, furniture and cardboard.

Signs of Termites

This species was first discovered in Florida in 2001. They’re different from any other Termite species in the state. Coneheads build networks of brown tunnels or Termite “highways” on the sides of trees, buildings, walls, around the home. Termites are hiding in these tunnels protected from the environment, working and feeding 24/7. They get their name from a distinctive, dark “conehead” or teardrop shaped head.

Conehead termites build dark brown nests, usually in the shape of a large ball at the base of trees, in trees, beside a house or sometimes on open ground.  Usually, these nests are easy to see.  You can visit our termite page to learn more about termites and termite treatment, as well as our One Million Dollar Termite Warranty.

How to Get Rid of Termites

If you believe you may have Conehead termites, please call 407-447-7378 for a free inspection. For more tips about lawn care and pest control, “Like us” on Facebook at

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