December 8, 2016



Service to Support Your Landscaping Company

Landscape Companies Trust Us to Improve Their Results

Termite Lawn & Pest is not a landscaping company. We do not mow lawns, spread mulch or prune trees. But our dedicated staff does support plant health and complements your services. In fact, landscape companies like yours trust us to improve their services, extend their landscaping service agreements and keep commercial and residential clients happy.

Want to save time while getting better landscaping results on your clients’ property? Refer our services today and protect properties from drought, pests and plant diseases that your customers may blame on your landscaping company, causing them to cancel their service agreements with you.

Superior Education Landscaping Companies Trust

We take the continuing education courses on plant biology and pests, and your company takes advantage of our landscaping pest control services and plant support. Home and business owners would never choose landscaping companies with little or no prior experience, and you shouldn’t trust inferior lawn and pest companies to support your work.

Improve the look and health of your properties today by taking advantage of our advanced education for yourself. Our Resources for Commercial Partners offer fast, easy everyday fixes you can use to improve your landscaping results.

We support your services and keep your clients’ lawns and plants beautiful, healthy and pest free with the following landscaping pest control services available for referral:

  • Tree and Palm Injections
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Shrub Support
  • Insect and Outdoor Pest Control
  • Irrigation Support Services

When lawns, trees and shrubs look great, receive proper watering, stay weed free and don’t support insects, you job is easier and faster. We even share our ongoing education with landscaping companies to further our relationship and keep our mutual clients thrilled with our services. It’s a win-win partnership that keeps both your landscaping company and us seeing green all year round. 

Do you have a customer that needs our services to strengthen your relationship with them? Refer them today and take advantage of a strong partnership to give your clients everything they could want in their lawn care services! 

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