December 8, 2016



Exceptional Estate Services Supporting Beautiful, Pest-Free Properties

Saving Lawn and Pest Estate Service Costs and Hassles

At Termite Lawn & Pest, we take care of estate services right the first time, saving you time, money and unnecessary hassle. Our team understands your limited time and budget considerations, and we work within your confines to deliver hassle-free services you never have to worry about.

Do you currently use our estate services and have an issue at your property that you need fixed today?

Please use our Customer Hotline to have a Termite Lawn & Pest professional come fix the problem at your property fast.

As lawn and pest control experts with over two decades of industry experience, we offer the estate services that you can trust to deliver exceptional care all year round.

Our company has the following qualifications:

  • Experience working with out-of-state estate management
  • Familiarity and comfort integrating with other services, like landscapers
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your estate demands

We support your estate care with the following essential services that keep your property looking great, staying pest free and impressing all visitors:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control
  • Organic Pest Services
  • Lawn and Shrub Services
  • Tree and Palm Care (or Injections)
  • Bird Control
  • Mosquito and Ant Control (or Reduction)
  • Irrigation Repair

Termite Lawn & Pest Adds Beauty without Budget Strain

Supporting plant health, removing pests and keeping lawns healthy saves your estate long-term upkeep costs. Failing to support your lawns, trees and shrubs can lead to fast plant death and require costly replacement. Unchecked pests like rodents, roaches and termites can wreak havoc both inside and outside your property. Rapidly addressing these invasive pests is essential to the appearance, safety and long-term value of your property. 

Plus regular estate upkeep keeps these properties safe from potential trespassing, theft and other criminal activities. By keeping estates in perfect condition every day of the year, we give the impression that an estate is constantly occupied, discouraging any potential damage, destruction or theft that a vacant property may attract.

At Termite Lawn & Pest, we provide superior estate care with the following:

  • Ongoing Plant Biology Education
  • Latest Tools and Solutions
  • Fast, Direct Communication with Specialists Anytime
  • Customized Service Accounts for Pets, Children and Environment
  • Free Follow-Ups between Regular Service

Don’t trust your landscaping and pest issues to just anyone. Choose the experienced, Better Business Bureau-accredited services of Termite Lawn & Pest for the quality care your estate demands.

Take advantage of a free, In-Person Consultation today to find out how to improve the condition of your estate quickly and easily with service quality that provides exceptional long-term savings.  

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